Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tuesday, April 28 RESULTS

Tuesday, April 28

CS2:  Primary Classroom Choral Speaking
                  DeWitt Carter (gold)
                  McKay Public School – Grade 2FI (silver)
ESC1:  Primary School Choir – Grade 1-3
                   ~”Flunky Jim” and Own Choice
                  McKay Public School (gold)

ESC4:  Elementary School Choir – Kindergarten-Grade 8
                  ~”Polly’s Little Fiddle” and Own Choice
                  St. John Bosco Elementary School (gold)
IVS1:  Individual Verse Speaking – 6-7 yrs
                  ~Own Choice – 3 minute maximum
                  Nahum Carter-Fickling (gold)

IVS2:  Individual Verse Speaking – 8-9 yrs
                  ~Own Choice – 4 minute maximum
                  Mason Smith (gold)

IVS3:  Individual Verse Speaking – 10-11 yrs
                  ~Own Choice – 5 minute maximum
                  Allan Buri (gold)
                  Zayn Dehghan (silver)

V82:  Vocal Solo - Open
                  Rachel Gracey (gold)

V94:  Vocal Duet – Open
                  Rachel Gracey, Leslie Kennedy (gold)

V85:  Vocal Solo – Open
                  Rachel Gracey (gold)

V87:  Vocal Solo – Open
                  Rachel Gracey (gold)

V98:  Vocal Trio – Open
                  Rachel Gracey, Leslie Kennedy, Ashley Kennedy (gold)